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La Vanguardia: "Firce Capital closed its second transaction in Spain to develop luxury villas"

The real estate investment firm, Firce Capital, just purchase a 1.5 acers plot in the centre of Marbella to develop 15 luxury villas. It is the second acquisition of the firm in Spain. The building permit will be presented before the summer of 2019, so the construction of the villas is scheduled to begin in 2020 and their delivery should take place in 2021. The land acquired by the Firce Capital, which does not disclose the amount of the operation, is known by the name of "La Fuente" and is located near the beach.

To carry out this project, the company has hired the Spanish architect Ernesto Palanco. According to the president of Firce Capital, Christophe Fournage, this Spanish region has become one of the most attractive one in the country.


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